Floor heating is a very logical solution

The joy of home comfort in winter

All the reasons are good for having a heated floor system in your home. Leaving a hot floor is a bit like coming out of a warm comforting bath … It quickly becomes obvious; with a heated floor, we are one and we quickly become inseparable! We start to want it everywhere. For those who have never tried one, the heated floor is perceived as the ultimate in cozy comfort. Some may even consider this a comfort overdose, but for those who have experienced it, getting a heated floor is not a matter of whim, but a sensible choice.

A very logical solution

As a bonus, in addition to bringing comfort to your home, heated floors will also increase the value of your home. A traditional heating system diffuses heat only locally. The heated floor instead will offer a uniform comfort in the room served; the heat emitted by the heating of a floor is distributed equally … and as the heat rises, we benefit from it everywhere, from the bottom up, without losing any heat. Who does not appreciate the comfort of a cozy house? Because it is a built-in and invisible heat source, the heated floor will allow furniture to be arranged without space constraints. In addition, it limits the amount of dust in a room thus reducing the sources of potential allergies and increase the quality of the ambient air that we breathe. It also avoids the noise emitted by traditional systems. These are just some of the qualities of a floor heating system.

In the long run, a heated floor system will save money on the annual electricity bill.

Investing in the installation of a floor heating system is becoming more and more popular, it’s actually now the norm. In light of many recent studies, there several figures showing savings of up to 28% in heating costs. These statistics represent a significant amount. In fact, various programs or grants, such as “NovoClimat” with its RénoClimat program, offer financing plans for renovating a home. With energy efficiency at stake, Hydro-Québec is partnering with these programs to convince its users to make good choices for the future. The heated floor undoubtedly becomes a smart choice.

Let’s comfort ourselves, by comforting also our wallet!

Go ahead with the installation of a heated floor system this year if you want to offer your loved one’s comfort. A heated floor system will change your perspective on wellness. It will even make it seem that spring is coming too fast!