Jack of all trades Vs. Professional Electrician: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to doing electrical work in your home or business, is it better to choose a qualified electrician where can you recruit a friend or a do-it-yourselfer to perform your electrical repairs and repairs? Is it possible to simply watch online how to install new electrical installations or repair and just do it yourself?

Many homeowners and business owners plan to invite an unqualified friend or handyman to do electrical work or even do it themselves because of the cost savings compared to hiring a qualified electrician, licensed and insured. But is it really worth it? While it can cost you a lot more to use a fully licensed electrician for your job, do you get value for your investment?

Here, we look at some of the ways in which DIY and unqualified electrical work can go wrong, and establish the benefits of choosing a qualified electrician, even for small jobs.

Experience and Knowledge

It’s not because your friend or unskilled handyman has ever worked in the field of electricity that it necessarily means he or she has the knowledge and experience to understand, diagnose and correct the problem you are experiencing currently. Unskilled electric handymen often have limited experience or practical knowledge because their experience is based on the few repairs they have made. They can even learn about electrical repairs and installation from second-hand information or online guides. This limited or erroneous information can lead to work that is incorrect, unsafe or that results in higher costs over the long term.

Qualified and expertly trained electricians have received extensive training in various electrical systems, repairs, and installations, and have the practical experience necessary to do the job safely and successfully the first time. The knowledge of a qualified electrician is not based on anecdotal evidence and internet forums, but on the most up-to-date electrical study and practice, verified by local licensing authorities.

License, insurance and liability

If you use a licensed electrician to work on your property, you may be legally responsible for any injury or accident that occurs while working in your home. In addition, an unlicensed independent contractor may be legally considered an “employee” if you pay it to perform work on your property, and this may give them the right to claim compensation from your worker in the event that they are injured or disabled at work. You will be responsible for paying for any errors, accidents or mishaps that occur while an uninsured electricity contractor is working at your home, or facing the long and onerous task of suing a contractor for an incorrect or incomplete job.

With a fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens, your electrical work is fully covered by insurance and completed by a qualified and licensed professional.

Quality and security

While an unqualified electrical contractor may look attractive on the basis of the low price, when it comes to completing electrical work, you do not want to take the least expensive option. So many homeowners and business owners view electric work as an expense instead of seeing it for what it really is – an investment in the safety, comfort, and quality of your home. Although unlicensed electrical work may seem ok or work fairly well, reducing turns and decreasing quality can lead to significant safety risks, which may not become evident until later or until disaster strikes.

A qualified and licensed electrician can guarantee the quality and safety of your repairs and your installations, with contractors offering guarantees on their work. This means that if problems occur with the work done within a specified time, a warranty team will fix the problem at no extra cost. A good electric company will be fairly confident in their products and manufacturing to be able to assure you of lasting quality and safety with relevant warranties on their services.

Better value

Even if you pay less for a qualified electrician or friend to work on your electrical system in the short term, these unprofessional or unsafe repairs and installations could cost you more in the long run if you need to repair or fix them again.

Working with a qualified electrician means that you get the right solution the first time, and high-quality work is backed by guarantees that will ensure you will not be disbursed for more if something goes wrong, saving you money on repairing recurring problems.

Covered by relevant permits

While unlicensed electrical work may go unnoticed by local authorities in your own home, this undocumented work could be a problem if you are trying to rent or sell your home on the track. When you decide to rent or sell, potential buyers or municipal representatives may ask to see permits for any work or remodeling done at home. If permits cannot be issued for work performed, the home may not be sold or rented because unauthorized work in a home may prevent the home from being eligible for insurance.

If you fill all electrical installations and repairs with a professional electrician from a good quality electric company, you can rest assured that all work will be covered by the relevant permits and adhere to local codes for safety, quality, and service integrity of your home.

Save time and less stress

Completing extensive electrical repairs, rewiring a home, or installing electrical systems in a remodel can be a stressful process. But letting your handyman friend leave the project midway, adding additional costs or taking time out of the project can be even more stressful. Unauthorized contractors can promise incredible results at a low price, but these promises may not come when they change the budget as they go, take much longer to complete the job, do poor quality work, or simply fail.

While doing your own electrical work or recruiting a less expensive handyman or friend for the job may seem like an attractive option based on price and promise, reality can mean disappointment, danger and extra costs in the long run. Choose a reputable and licensed utility for your project and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with investing in quality electrical work.